TimeCult Source Code is Beeing Moved to GitHub

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Since SourceForge CVS repository is still unavailable, I decided to move the source code to GitHub. Currently a part of the code sufficient for application compilation is available at https://github.com/dyadix/TimeCult. Build/installation files are coming soon.


No Access to Source Code (CVS Service Outage)

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Due to reported attack, CVS service at SourceForge.net is unavailable making it impossible neither to browse the source code nor to commit new changes. This may delay a planned version 0.12. Hopefully more information will be available soon from SourceForge.

How Many TimeCult Users are There?

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Please take a very simple poll to find out how many active TimeCult users are out there. If you are a user, this can be your little contribution to the project. Thanks!
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TimeCult 0.11 Released

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The most notable feature of the new release is filtering time records in Journal by a selected project or task (activity) along with filtering by a range of dates. There is also an experimental feature allowing to export tasks from the task list to Pdf and open a pdf viewer to browse a result. Since any Pdf viewer allows to print a document, it also gives a possibility to preview/print the list. In the future this idea can be also spread to other parts of the application like Journal, Quick TimeSheet etc.
Another feature worth mentioning is notifications. Currently you can set up notifications (Tools/Settings/Notifications) for idle time and running tasks (active timers). A notification window will pop up periodically reminding you of your current activity (or inactivity). This is very handy for those who keep forgeting to start/stop a timer (including me).
Navigate to “Downloads” page to get the fresh release.

The First TimeCult Award And a Demo Video from Softoxi

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TimeCult received its first award from Softoxi Software Foundry. Softoxi made a video trailer showing TimeCult in action. Click to the image below to watch it:

TimeCult video tutorial at softoxi.com

Thanks, Softoxi guys!

TimeCult 0.10.0 Released

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The most notable changes in the new release are the on-line help and the ability to automatically round up (adjust) time being recorded (see Workspace properties). Click here to see a more detailed list of changes.
The package previously named as “timecult-version-no-install.zip” has been renamed to “timecult-version-win32-portable.zip”. This is because in reality it contains SWT libraries for Win32 platform only. You can run TimeCult on 64 bit Windows (including Windows 7) but you have to use a 32 bit version of Java. Otherwise the application will not start.

TimeCult Help Goes Online

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Starting from the forthcoming version 0.10 TimeCult help will not be bundled with the application anymore, it will be available on-line instead. There are several reasons for this decision:

  • To make it possible to update the help independently from TimeCult releases.
  • The solution has a better portability since it doesn’t rely on Windows help anymore.
  • Less software/settings are required to build TimeCult (for example, you don’t need Aurigadoc tool anymore).

Currently the help is in its early development stage but some topics may be added over time.