TimeCult 1.6 is Available

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with restyled modern icons suitable for high resolution displays and some bug fixes.


Go to Downloads page to get the new version.

TimeCult 1.5 Released

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It has been a long time but finally the new version is available on “Downloads” page. The biggest new feature is a statistics on new/open/closed tasks which gives a good overview of overall productivity and problematic areas:


Other, mostly minor, changes are listed here.

Follow @timecult on Twitter

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Now you can follow TimeCult on Twitter for quick updates: https://twitter.com/timecult

TimeCult 1.4 Released

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There are not many changes but some of them are quite significant:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is bundled now with TimeCult 1.4 installation on 64 bit Windows. This makes the installation package bigger but on the other hand eliminates a requirement of a certain Java version being properly installed. Launch4j is used again to run TimeCult on Windows. UI controls are properly rendered on Windows too, previously they did not look like in a regular Win7 application. Hopefully all this will bring a better experience for Windows users.
  • You can set a deadline for a task or a project. Overdue tasks are highlighted with a reddish background color. If a task doesn’t have it’s own deadline it is inherited from a containing project.
  • There are some new convenience shortcuts: [Enter] key now expands/collapses a project tree branch, numeric keys “1”..”5″ can be used to set one of the colored flags and “0” to remove it.
  • Version numbering has changed from 0.1.x to 1.x. Subsequent versions will be numbered as 1.5, 1.6 and etc.

Visit Downloads page to get the new version. Enjoy!


Google+ Community for TimeCult Users

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Feel free to share your ideas, comments, best practices etc. The community is private, you can submit a request here to join.

TimeCult 0.13 packages are available for Windows and Linux

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Please check the Download page for updates. Windows package (installer) is built now for 64 bit version by default. There are also installation instructions for Linux. Linux package does not include SWT library required to run TimeCult, it has to be installed separately.

The biggest change of the new release compared to version 0.12 is a possibility to mark a task with one of 5 flags: Urgent, Current, Next, Planned, Backlog. This makes it easier to prioritize the tasks and concentrate on the most important things.

All the best with the new version and feel free to submit your issue reports here!

TimeCult 0.12 Is Out

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You can find the list of changes here. Version 0.12 is available for download on GitHub.

TimeCult Development Moved to GitHub

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SourceForge CVS is back but I have closed it for commits and moved all the development to GitHub. So you can get all the latest source code from there, GitHub provides necessary instructions for that. The move is not only because of CVS outage, Git itself is a better version control system. So maybe it’s only to good or at least I hope so 🙂

TimeCult Source Code is Beeing Moved to GitHub

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Since SourceForge CVS repository is still unavailable, I decided to move the source code to GitHub. Currently a part of the code sufficient for application compilation is available at https://github.com/dyadix/TimeCult. Build/installation files are coming soon.

No Access to Source Code (CVS Service Outage)

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Due to reported attack, CVS service at SourceForge.net is unavailable making it impossible neither to browse the source code nor to commit new changes. This may delay a planned version 0.12. Hopefully more information will be available soon from SourceForge.